Over The River Project Information Page

Due to the expected high public interest in the Over The River project temporary use permit application and to reduce the burden on Fremont County staff, OTR Corp. has created this web page in order for the interested public to conveniently download Over The River Corp.’s permit application. 

Links to Files:

OTR Corp. Temporary Use Permit Application

The Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision issued by the Bureau of Land Management for the Over The River Project can be found at:  http://www.blm.gov/co/st/en/fo/rgfo/planning/otr.html

Additional Documents:

BLM 2920 Permit

Cooperating Agency Memorandum of Understanding

Chris Vogelsang Letter to Bill Giordano re: Response to Fremont County Office of Emergency Management

R. Trapani Response to the Fremont County Department of Transportation

Baker Letter re Fremont County Airport

Letter to Bill Giordano and Brenda Jackson re Proposed Permit Conditions FINAL

OTR Presentation for Fremont County Public Hearing

SHORT OTR Presentation for Thursday Fremont County Public Hearing